The next ECHLA board meeting is Tuesday, August 22nd @ 5:30 pm at the home of Susan Stair.
Any member in good standing is welcome to attend our board meetings
until the board goes into executive session for private business.
If a member would like to add a discussion item to our agenda,
they must contact Kevyn Salsburg in advance of the meeting.

Happy Earth Day!!!
We collected a pile off of Hart Bay.

Thanks go out to Chris, Miles, John and Ann.

ECHLA Legal Action re Hart Bay Trail

Some of you may have heard about the Hart Bay legal action pending, in which ECHLA was sued by a single member of the Association who is claiming the right to build a vehicle road through the natural area alongside the Hart Bay Lagoon, instead of the existing footpath trail that has been there for many years. The Hart Bay Trail and the surrounding area adjacent to the Lagoon is a wetland habitat for numerous bird species preserved for benefit of our community, and exists exclusively as a footpath to ECHLA's natural beach park at Hart Bay. Click the link below for more details and photos of the area involved, the environmental resources at stake, and the different ways that ECHLA members can help.
Read More Here

Attention Tennis Players!
The Westin Resort still welcomes us to use their tennis courts. With the creation of the new gate house, they will be checking everyone who comes onto their property to ensure they have a valid reason for being there. ECHLA members intending to use the tennis courts must set up court reservations through the Westin Workout prior to entering the Westin property. We have provided the Westin with a list of ECHLA members in good standing which they will use to verify the court reservations.
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Minutes of 2016 Annual

Chocolate Hole Bay is located on the southwest coast of the island of St. John, one of the United States Virgin Islands.

Estate Chocolate Hole -- a large property surrounding the Bay -- was platted into several hundred (mostly) residential lots in the early 1950's. The Estate Chocolate Hole Landowner's Association (ECHLA) was formed in 1984.

For maintenance (and other) purposes, the Estate is viewed as three separate parts: Chocolate Hole east, north, and west. Electronic maps of any of these parts can be seen by clicking on any of the links immediately below. But please know that these drawings are NOT to scale, some of the lot numbers shown may be incorrect, and there may be other errors. If you see errors, please contact the ECHLA web site administrator by clicking on his name at the bottom of this page. Also, these drawings -- as well as the other documents that you can click on below -- are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, so your computer will need to have the Acrobat Reader software installed. This software is free and can be downloaded from

Map of Chocolate Hole East
Map of Chocolate Hole North
Map of Chocolate Hole West

This web site is maintained to provide information about the Association for the benefit of:

  • Those who currently own one or more of the lots within the Estate, and
  • Those who are considering purchasing property within the Estate.

The purposes of the Association are listed in its Articles of Incorporation:

ECHLA's Articles of Incorporation

Exactly who qualifies as a member of ECHLA, and what rights and responsibilities each of them has, are described in the Association's By-Laws:

ECHLA's By-Laws

These By-Laws also define the Board of Directors that governs ECHLA's activities, and prescribe the duties of each Board member. The names of and contact information for these Board members can be seen by clicking on the following link:

Listing of ECHLA Board of Directors Members

As is the case with any association of landowners holding properties within a common neighborhood, ECHLA has a building code that its members expect it to enforce strictly:

The Association's Building Code

By the way, before a member's building plans on an ECHLA lot will be considered by the Association, that member must be up to date in assessments and dues to the Asssociation for the lot in question.

Other information about ECHLA and the COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS placed on its landowners/members appear in the warranty deed conveyed to each purchaser of Estate property at the time of sale:

Warranty Deed

Some ECHLA members reside in their Estate homes year-round, while others are with us part-time. Still others rent their homes to non-ECHLA members who are vacationing on St. John. In any case, there are a few "common courtesy" things that each of our families should try to abide by in order to contribute to the peace and order of our neighborhood. We should all take a look at these from time-to-time:

Out of Respect for Our Neighbors ...

Of course, whenever we rent our homes to visitors, we obviously need to make sure that THEY are aware of these simple rules of courtesy, too.

The ECHLA general membership meets at least once a year, usually in March. The Board of Directors also meets annually. If you wish to view the minutes of one of these meetings, you may click on one of the following:

Board of Directors Meeting - May 11, 2017
2017 General Membership Meeting
ECHLA Budget 2016-2017
2016 General Membership Meeting
ECHLA Budget 2015-2016
2015 General Membership Meeting
ECHLA Budget 2014-2015
2014 General Membership Meeting
ECHLA Budget 2013-2014
2013 General Membership Meeting
2012 General Membership Meeting
2011 General Membership Meeting
2010 General Membership Meeting
2009 General Membership Meeting
2008 General Membership Meeting
2007 General Membership Meeting

As we mentioned, contact information for all the members of ECHLA's Board of Directors can be viewed by clicking on one of the links above. However, if your computer has an e-mail program that works for you, you may click on one of the links below to initiate an e-mail message to one of ECHLA's three officers:

President: Kevyn Salsburg
Vice President: Susan Stair
Secretary & Treasurer: Paula Lambert

Also, you may contact ECHLA by U.S. mail at the following address:

5000 Estate Enighed
PMB #64
St. John, VI 00830

Finally, errors in the information given above may also be reported to the ECHLA web site administrator (via e-mail) by clicking on the link below.

Send e-mail message to ECHLA Site Administrator.

© 2014:
Estate Chocolate Hole Landowner's Association